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Garden Guests

We moved from Ireland to Berlin in the summer of 2020, to our current address in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. This is a green, leafy area, close to the huge and expansive forest of Grunewald. And it is that proximity that has encouraged our occasional garden visitors.

I want to introduce you to them all; please meet Gustav and Abigail Fox, Quentin and Serena Squirrel, Harold and Henrietta Hedgehog, and Bartholomew and Matilda Bat and their extended family. But our favourites Ricky and Penelope Racoon, our cheeky and frequent garden guests.

The Us are the residents. M and me, of course, and our lounging guard dog, Sally.

The photos here are a mix of trail camera and camera trap photographs. But they were all taken in our garden in Berlin. Enjoy meeting our guests.

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